"Labor Day Weekend Dance Mini Camp"
September 3th & 4th. 2016

(Saturday& Sunday)

We started in year 2002 with choreographers: Meir Shem Tov, Israel Yakovee, Beverly Barr, and Yoni Carr. Location: Costa Mesa at the JCC on Baker street

We know there are many camps to choose from and although this is a Mini Camp, we strives to bring special and different choreographers, so you can experience a verity of style.   Fortunately, we do have special participants who are devoted and appreciate the verity of choreographers and style and also like this kind of format.  

We thank you all for many years of support!!!

Choreographer from Israel:


Yaron is an energetic and a unique choreographer.     


Some of his partners dances:  Bocha Baseter. Bein Arbayim. Kama At Yafa 

Ksheat Rokedet Eifo At   Ze Ma Shenishar  Zman Ptziot Ad Hasof  Shir Mehalev

Some of Yaron circles dances: Veshachanti   Chatan Bar-Mitzvah   Ein Mechir Lahavh Ata Shebashamayim

Yaron latest hit: DERECH HASHALOM  is danced everywhere in Israel (and Ca)

Yaron is a fantastic dancer and will entice you to dance non-stop!!!

Eyal Ozeri

Eyal was invited for the first time to Labor Day Weekend in 2007 and was invited again two more time by popular demand.

He is simply very good all around

Three of his dances won at festival Karmeil:

Shimri Et Libech (1st) Yad Beyad (3rd) and Shemesh Aduma (4th)

Some of Eyal other dances:

You do not want to miss the session when in Israel.

Some of his dances:

Ba Habayta Lean Shelo Telchi   Kmo Shokolad Leorech Hayma Barcheni   Bati Elecha  Kvar Avru Hashanim   His latest one together with Rafi Ziv TIPOT

A note to our out-of-town participants and vacationers:

You are invited to take advantage of our sunny and beautiful California location. Please treat yourself to a little vacation before or after the "Mini Camp." Make your reservation to either arrive earlier or stay longer. California is known for great weather but in August September, it is really gorgeous! You should be able to enjoy swimming at that time if your hotel has a pool.

Join us and expect to have a fantastic dance experience. Plus enjoy good food, a cocktail party, our special "dance card partners invitation" and lots of dancing. Our participants are known to be the friendliest and most congenial people you could be around! Our dance level is intermediate to advanced, and we are lucky to have a good balance between men and women.

The dance program is versatile and we honor dance requests.



  Four-Hour Workshop with Snacks

Cocktail Party with a Hosted Full Bar. Hot and Cold Hors D'oeuvres

  Saturday Night: Open Dance Party

  Midnight Pizza


Four-Hour Workshop with Snacks

BBQ Dinner

Sunday Night: Open Dance Party


Camp Yona Claim-to-Fame Dance Card Exchange!


Registration fees include all dance workshop, food and beverage listed above:

•  Early bird registration fee, up to August 1st, 2015: $195.

•  Regular registration fee, after August 1st, 2015 or at the door: $220.

•  One day only, either Saturday or Sunday: $110.



Labor Day Weekend Dance Camp Location:

"Avant Garde Ballroom"

4220 Scott Drive

Newport Beach, CA 92660
(Near John Wayne Airport)


Avant Garde newly renovated is one of the most beautiful and glamorous dance studios in California.  It has a 2,500 square feet, a floating wood dance floor--a dancers dream dance floor!--air-conditioning, and plenty of parking. It is conveniently located near Mc Arthur Blvd and I-405. Avant Garde is surrounded by many hotels and restaurants.




Camp Director: Yoni Carr

Cell: (619) 227-0110 Email: yonic@cox.net Web: :http://www.israelidancing.com/

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