"Highland Springs Resort" (951) 845 1151

Cherry Valley CA 92223

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This is "Camp Yona" home since it's conception in 1994


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Choreographers from Israel

Avi Levi

Avi Levy is a talented and unique choreographer!

His dances are artistically choreographed and can be easily identify as Avi's style only

Avi is also the artistic director of the performance group called "Avivim" which are performing in Israel and other countries

Some of his dances: Kshetavo Tirae. Shir Gaguaim. Sultana. Casablanca. Lev Shavur. and much more.

Avi Perez

Avi is a creative choreographers. His dances are very popular and danced at most sessions. Avi returns to "Camp Yona" by popular demand

Among his hundreds of dances: Korason, Zman Laylah, Keshenavo, Eretz Esh V'eAeretz Yam, Toda Shenichnast Li Lalev. Etez Bereshit his latest hit.

Camp Director:Yoni Carr

1960  joined the "Inbal Theatre" and continues in 1967 with "Karmon Groups". In both groups, Yoni was a soloist and performed around the world.

Yoni is teaching Israeli folk Dancing in San Diego and Orange county since 1984. Choreographed of about 12 dances (one dance for each of her"Camps Yona")

 A Secluded and "Kibbutz" like grounds with a great facility to fit the companion of a dancer as well as for the dancers.  

The facility includes: Full Spa, Jacuzzi, Tennis, Hiking, (Golf, Horseback Riding and Massages required fee)

California is known for great weather all year around!

Join us and expect to have a fantastic dance experience. Great food (chef awarded), Cocktail parties,

Dance card and lots of dancing.

Our participants are known to be the friendliest and most congenial people you want to be around.

Our dance level is intermediate to advanced and we are lucky to have a good balance between men and women

Dance program is versatile and we honor dance requests.

Highland Springs Resort


All booking go thru

"Camp Yona"

( includes Camp and Hotel )

Camp Yona total package:

Rates are all inclusive:

Rooms (3 nights) Food (8 Meals Buffet)

All dance sessions, snacks, 3 nights dance parties,

Gratuities, maid service fee,

Room and food Tax.

"Early Bird" By January 18th.Cottage: $529. (2 per room. pp)

$503. (3 per room. pp)

Deluxe: $559. (2 per room. pp)

$523. (3 per room. pp)

$505. (4 per room. P.O.)

Single (add $100)

Rate after January 18th. Add $36

Prices comparison:

When comparing camps prices please compare with same accommodation type i.e.: Length- 4 days 3 nights, hotel style accommodation (not colleges/ dorm or camp ground) catered food, full service.

(Don’t forget to add hidden Taxes)





  Outstanding choreographers


  A professional wood dance floor. Air-Condition

  Valentine Dance Card exchange partners

  Great food, (prepared by award winner Chef

 Tranquil facility

      Our famous out side Jacuzzi 

            (up to: 4:00 A.M.)                                                                             

 The most friendliest atmosphere!

full service

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Camp Yona begin on Friday with registration at 3:00P.M.. First session at 5:00 P.M.-6:30 P.M.and concludes on Monday with a brunch                                        
                                                                        For more information, Email yonic@cox.net or Call Yoni at 760-631-0802, Fax 760-631-0251, or Cellular 619-227-0110.
                                                            Nearest airports: Ontario airport and Palm Springs airport. (If driving, it only takes 1 hour from LA and San Diego

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